Hi there!

I am not on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook, etc., but you can get in touch by email. Before you do, please read this:

You can reach me at mail then add the domain of this website.

My public GPG key for encrypting mail (if you know how) is here: unixsheikh.asc. You can also just run cURL:

curl -sL | gpg --import

My fingerprint is: 1268 BEB0 B66C BFF2 F514 B3B8 18EA BBAE 9386 682B. It is also listed on my Codeberg profile and on my GitHub profile.

NOTE! Before you use my public key, and before you expect me to use your public key, read about importing and exporting public keys and creating a Web of Trust

Last, but not least, I get a lot of email and I read all my email, but sometimes I just don't have the time to reply so don't get offended if you don't get a response.